Warranty policy


We, the Staff and all personell at IDEACE, are comitted to manufacture all of our products with the best raw materials, proper technology and utmost safety measures. Quality is assured through a strict control to all of our processes. Any one of our products which receives a quality related claim under our warranty policies will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the customer, as deemed appropriate.

Warranties apply when

  1. There is a malfunction of some part or component of the products. 
  2. There are finishing defects before product is installed and used. 
  3. There are incomplete products. 
  4. Goods are damaged during transportation to the primary customer.

Warranty is not applicable when

  1. There are modifications or improvements on product design. 
  2. Customer alteration or modification of product or components. 
  3. Physical abuse or inadequate use of product. 
  4. Product not properly installed due to not following factory instructions. 
  5. Product is affected by the use of solvents, paints, acids, detergents, or welding. 
  6. Improper storage that adversely affects proper operation.
  7. Customer violation of the product at the point of sale. 
  8. Client errors when placing order with the factory.
  9. Low product rotation.
  10. Products that have been installed and that show any of the previous conditions or that are returned to the factory incomplete.

IMPORTANT: Surface and cylindrical knob locks: 5 year mechanical warranty Faucets and furniture locks: 1 year warranty Accesories: 6 months warranty Electrical strikes and doorbells: 3 month warranty on electric components

NOTE Any product which is the object of a quality related claim is not subject to be deducted from a pending invoice. Additionally, a quality related claim is not justification enough to delay payment of a pending invoice.


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